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This is the Tumblr of Mackenzie Brown, UK-based author of The Shifting, The Book of Souls, Lost Boys and the Prince of the City series.

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The boy had hammered his tiny legs along an iron fretwork bridge leapfrogging the road below, the creaking and clattering making him move faster, worrying that the noise might give away his location. His throat was dry and he felt hot and constricted inside the tight fitting leather tunic. It must be summer. The voice in the back of his head said. You’ve got to find her. It told him, as he descended the other side of the bridge. He ran until the blood in his ears was deafening and he could no longer hear the breath leaving his body.

The Shifting

Memory was an odd word to think of when he couldn’t even remember how he’d come to be lying in a field at night and looking up at the stars.

…written in a compelling style reminiscent of 19th century literary craftsmen. #UKAD

I like to think that each book I start is a completely new departure … But I’ve learned that whatever you do, readers will have no difficulty assimilating it into what you’ve done before.



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